aluminium glass door

An aluminum glass door is good for the bathroom and any door, The aluminum glass door is most popular in west Bengal because the aluminum glass door is made with aluminum frame glass and some material, and it is looking nice and are compatible with use.

aluminium glass door
Aluminium glass door for bathroom

The aluminum glass door is made of two materials, the first ACP board, and glass, Glassdoor

  • if you use this aluminum door for the bathroom then you can use ACP board, because the ACP board is protected from water, and the inside can not be viewed.
  • if you use this aluminum door for the bathroom so you can use fostat glass, if you have any other glass requirements you can tell the contractor for the glass

Auminium glass door price

the aluminum glass door price depends on the material. because three types of aluminum glass frames are available. Aluminium window

the aluminium glass door is best better than the PVC door because the aluminium glass door is never ever damaged by water,
 and PVC door is also not damaged by water, but it is very light!
But PVC doors deteriorate quickly. Because the PVC door will crack if there is a little cigarette fire!
But if a cigarette catches fire in the aluminum door, nothing will happen. Instead, the fire of the cigarette will be extinguished!
We advise all customers to do aluminum glass doors because it is very good and safety!
so just contact with us for more 
  • aluminum frame weight size 2” 3/4 x 1.5″
  • Aluminum frame weight size 1.5″ x 1.5″
  • aluminum frame weight size 4″ x 4″
  • 2” 3/4 x 1.5″ ( price is 320 with ACP Board and fostat glass price 360 per sqft )
  • 1.5″ x 1.5″ ( price is 210 with ACP Board and fostat glass price 260 per sqft )
  • 4″ x 4″ ( price is 400 with ACP Board and fostat glass price 440 per sqft )
glass door for bathroom
Glassdoor for bathroom
We handle all types of aluminum work, like - window sliding, aluminum partitions, glass doors, glass partitions, etc

Any color you can get from us, if a customer orders for color then it takes 5 to 6 days for it. Do we have just two colors available at any time- Coffee brown/ white- ivory this color is available,

if any customer has a requirement for another color then it will take 5 to 6 days. because other colors are not available to us.

Powder-coated samples below

powder cotated

Works Details: We take online work and talk about it on the first call and talk about the price. After that, we take the address from the customer and we go there and explain it well after that The price is charged according to the customer’s choice of material thickness

After everything is done, when the customer fails the work, we start the work, before starting the work, advance money is taken. 50 percent of the work will be taken in advance. When finalizing the work, we will take takes 4 to 5 days the complete the work and 7 days last. After starting the work, when the frame is completed, 30 percent will be taken again for the glass, and the remaining amount will be taken after the work is completed.

Shop Address  Aahana Aluminium Works -Atghara majhar para, Rajarhat Newtown, near atghara kali mandir Kolkata 700136 – Contact number – 8777207235/9874884691 also WhatsApp available

Guide address for the customer: If the customer is coming from Narkel Bagan first city center 2 then Nao Para signal. take left after 200 meters from Nao Para signal.

You can also use Google map Below:

I have been doing aluminum work for the past five years and have very good experience with all kinds of aluminum window

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