tuffen glass sliding door’ Latest Price 350 in Kolkata

Price And Quantity: 12 mm tuffen glass door price is 410 all fitting complete/ but if tuffen glass work is below 100 square feet then it will be charged 450 per square feet: Toughened 12 mm Glass Door,

Product Specifications: Application, Office, Usage, Office

Delivery Time: The work will be completed after 7 days!

850.00 INR*·Brand: Exellent – Aahana Aluminium Works
saint Gobain 12mm clear toughened Glass Door with Ozone E- series floor spring & Ozone door Patch fittings and handle.

Tuffen Glass sliding door’

tuffen glass sliding door

Works Details: We take online work and talk about it on the first call and talk about the price. After that, we take the address from the customer and we go there and explain it well after that The price is charged according to the customer’s choice of material thickness

12mm glass sliding door fittings

After everything is done, when the customer fails the work, we start the work, before starting the work, advance money is taken. 50 percent of the work will be taken in advance. When finalizing the work, we will take takes 4 to 5 days the complete the work and 7 days last. After starting the work, when the frame is completed, 30 percent will be taken again for the glass, and the remaining amount will be taken after the work is completed.

Toughened glass sliding doors are a type of door that uses toughened or tempered glass panels which slide along tracks to open and close. These doors are commonly used in commercial and residential buildings as they provide a sleek and modern look, and are also durable and safe.

The toughening process involves heating the glass to a very high temperature and then rapidly cooling it. This process creates stronger and more durable glass that is less likely to break or shatter. Toughened glass is also safer than regular glass because when it does break, it breaks into small, rounded pieces rather than sharp, jagged shards.

tuffen glass sliding door

To install a toughened glass sliding door, you will need to first measure the size of the opening and then order the appropriate size of glass panels. The panels will then need to be cut and toughened before installation. The tracks for the sliding door will need to be installed, and then the panels can be fitted into the tracks.

It is important to ensure that the door is installed correctly and that the tracks are level to prevent the door from jamming or sticking. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the tracks and glass panels will also help to keep the door operating smoothly and looking great.

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